(ânastasiS KoùkoúlaS)

Anastasis Koukoulas was born in Athens, Greece he is an award winning artist specializing in microdetailed realism (mostly portraits) and has been working as a tattoo artist since 2014. Today he resides in Oslo,Norway where he made his dreams come true and owns a Tattoo Gallery.

He moved to Rhodes, Greece around mid-2015 where he took his first steps as a professional tattoo artist working in a studio, after that he took place in BMX.net seminars in Dusseldorf,Germany. His skills started to grow rapidly and went to Denmark for his first european tour. He stayed in Copenhagen and worked in a busy tattoo shop alongside with other good artists. After his time in Denmark he got plenty job offers from tattoo shops in England. He worked for 2 years as a tattoo artist and manager in a busy 20 year old established tattoo shop just outside London. He took place twice in Maidstone Tattoo Convention (a charity tattoo festival without awards) .There he got his first recognition for his skill level and he had his first interviews,tv appearances and articles written about himself in Vice Magazine.

In 2018 he was invited to work and teach tattoo tecniques and color palette seminars in Salvation Tattoo Lounge an award winning and extremely well known tattoo shop in Miami, Florida.

After his time in the States he decided to go back to Greece for a little while where he worked in one of the most historic and famous tattoo shop in the Greek Island Crete.

Then after his time in Greece he moved to Oslo,Norway in order to work for one of the most well known tattoo shop in Norway.He fell in love with the city and today he owns his own tattoo shop “Viaticum Gallery” in Oslo the capital of Norway.

Anko has welcomed in his shop many famous people including Tomine Harket singer of Darkside feat. Alan Walker with over 700 million views & also daughter of Morten Harket (the norwegian singer of the band A-HA)
Anko has also tattooed the worldwide famous football player Aron Dønnum and Celin Bizet Ildhusøy who was playing for Paris Saint Germain at the time that got tattooed by Anko.

Anko has been invited to the most iconic tattoo shops including InkedMagazine NYC,Inknation NYC,Inkology NYC & LA and more.
He was also invited in the 1st New York City VIP Invite Only Tattoo Convention (October 2022) featuring the 300 best artists of the world. Created & Organized by Donal Cranny.

He continues to travel around the world,attenting convention, to do collaborations with other artists, teach seminars, as well as creating new stories with his tattoos and pushing his art to new levels.

Today Anko is a sponsored artist from Inkjecta (Leading world class tattoo machines from Australia) , Kwadron (The most popular needle company in the world) , DermalizePro worldwide known aftercare products, I AM INK one of the best ink companies of the world also has other sponsorships from Wipe It Off and VM Tattoo Supply.