Are you confused? Let me give you a hand!

Nowdays there are many people who are doing Realistic Tattoos but as a client you are confused.
Which artist should i choose?
Who's the right one?

Every artist has his own unique style.
Some style/tattoos fits in your taste and some doesn't which is completely normal.
It doesn't mean that always an artist is better than another if you like his work/style more.

Anko and Microdetails

Anko is an Artist who is focusing on creating outstanding and hyper detailed work.
For the detail lovers that is awesome for some others they want to go a little more simple in their tattoo.

What exactly do we mean, when we say microdetailed work?
Here you can see the close up micro details.

Jack Nicholson - The Shinning - 12 Hours, 1 Session 17 cm

The closer you get to a micro detailed portrait the more beautiful it gets.

Daniel Kaluuya - Get Out - 16 hours, 2 Sessions 15 cm

Here we can see a bit of skin texture tecnique but also realistic tears, watery eyes, tears under the jaw and wrinkles on the lips.

Pop Smoke - 16 Hours , 2 Sessions 20cm

Close up to the cartier glasses-reflections, detailed moustache and beard, skin pores on the hand and fade tattoo on the side. Wrinkles on the lips and shines on the detailed jewellery overall.

Post Malone - 18 hours, 2 Sessions 18cm

We can pay attention the the hat stiches, grills on his teeth, Rolex watch , Cartier bracelet and diamond rings, micro detailed beard and moustache also details on the skin texture and hair in the hands.

Microdetails FAQ

Is microdetailed realism more painful? is a bit more painful than simple no detailed realism as the artist is working for longer time in the same area applying layer over layer in order to create the necessary details. (Like a canvas painting)

The more complex is the design the more it will hurt.

I believe in the end the microdetailed realism result is worth every second of pain.

Will my body keep all those microdetails?

The tattoo industry is moving so fast forward and the evolution is HUGE for the artists and for the clients aswell.

Back in the days we could only make lovehearts, stars and anchors on the skin but nowdays with the machine, ink & needle technology we are able to create more complex artwork in the skin.

If you follow the instructions given by Anko you should be able to heal and keep the most microdetails in your tattoos.

We don't know for sure how microdetail realism will look in 20 years from now but i've seen fully healed tattoos that i made after 4+ years and they look awesome.

Also a retouch is always good every 10 years on our tattoo.

Can a color tattoo heal as good as a black & grey one?

Yes the colors can heal the same as a black and grey artwork.

The vibrant colors are easier to get lost in our skin tone.

The lighter skin color we have the more visible will be the colors.