Anko only uses disposable tattoo equipment. This means that all equipment that is in direct contact with the customer is thrown away after use. All inks that I use are approved by European Regulations & also in Norway too. Anko has strict protocols on cleanliness before, during and after a tattoo.

YOU ARE REQUIRED to state whether there are conditions that may increase the risk of infection, and that may justify extended hygienic measures. If you have a permanent / impaired immune system, skin diseases, allergies or diseases that can be transmitted through blood, you must inform your tattoo artist about this.

IMPORTANT CONSIDERATIONS YOU MUST TAKE: During the tattoo, do not scratch or touch the tattoo and the equipment used. Should you accidentally touch the tattoo or equipment, you must inform your tattoo artist immediately.

WEAR AREAS: Tattoos on places such as hands, fingers, feet, knees and elbows are areas where ink will wear away. Finishing these places is also challenging, and the end result rarely ends up nicely. These places can be repainted for a fee.

REMEMBER: Everyone reacts differently to ink, some are more receptive than others. How you treat your tattoo and how careful you are and weather or not following the aftercare advice will play a big role on the healing result of your tattoo. As there is so many individual reasons why it does not always heal as expected, Anko is a very skilled artist with many years of experience and hundred of healed works.
Always have in mind that there is a possibility that your skin will not heal your tattoo perfectly.


- I declare that I have turned 18 years old.
-I'm not pregnant or breastfeeding.
-I am not under the influence of alcohol, medical drugs or strong drugs.
-I am aware that with the needle penetration of skin while injecting ink, there is a risk of infections, inflammation and allergic reactions.
-I understand that Anko's task as a tattoo artist is to inject the ink in the skin and create a nice artwork! The result final healing result is my own responsibility.
-I myself have the full responsibility for any consequence on my tattoo result (infection, irritation , healing) and I exclude both studio and artist from any kind of responsibility.
-I understand that after tattooing, I have to follow the studio's aftercare guidelines, which is very important for a good final healing result with minimized risk of infections & complications.
-I accept & allow the tattoo artist to take a picture of my tattoo, my tattoo belong to the artist's portfolio and can be used for marketing / promotion.
-I understand that there is no right of withdrawal. A tattoo is a craft, not a print.

1/3 of the price is being charged as a deposit in order to book an appointment.

Deposits are not being used ONLY to Book an appointment but ALSO for the artist to create/draw your new design and photoshop it in your skin aswell as a digital pre-tattoo version (if photos has been provided by the client).

A custom unique design is usually being done at the artists free time and it is a chargeable service.

A design can take from 1 hour up to 10 hours depending on the difficulty of the idea. (Hand-drawn designs can take longer).

The deposit it is transferable to a later date if notice of 48 hours has been given but is NOT REFUNDABLE since the artist has made work progress on your design even though you might have not receive the design.

You must/will receive your design 1 day before your "booked appointment" unless discussed otherwise with your artist.

Even if you cancel your appointment for personal reasons you will still receive your design and the design will belong to you as a client to use it as you wish further but as stated above NO REFUND will be given to you since the Artist has already worked on your design before hand and MUST be paid for his time.

If you move/change your appointment for more than 3 times you will lose your deposit money and the self employed artist will be paid by them to cover the empty days that you have caused in his Calendar. (Death,covid,lost of a leg,arm or a serious injury case will not cause you to lose your deposit money).

By attending up to your consultation/appointment, you declare that you have read , understand and approved all the points above.

Be sure you are aware of the risks before you book.